Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tree Box, More than one.

I had a ready-to-go collection of small worn cardboard boxes. Cards, cotton, pins, jewellery and tools were the past occupants of a few. Some were found empty. Today I added one. It has a small tree pattern on the exterior.

The idea was to work on one box a day, to make, using found objects, texts and natural materials, little installations and see where they took me. I've always had a fondness for Cornell and for miniature, and there's a lot of delight in being quite free fantastically speaking, in allowing the loose and easy association of objects on an intuitive level.

I've found though, that it's difficult to stick to just the one. In the middle of making my attention is diverted to another beginning, and as I'm not one to usher images away (concerned they might not reappear) I allow the interruptions and diversions. There will be a staggering of finishes too, I imagine.

There is a very small amount of unease in the simplicity and history of what I'm doing, but at this stage I think it is best not to think too much about those worries. I am reminded of earlier childhood days, and the playing of making worlds.

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